Solo exhibitions

2021 LOW COST FUTURE, Arosita Stick Place – Arosita Gallery, Sofia, BG and online.
2020 T.A.G. – Touch-American-Ground, Arosita Gallery, Sofia, BG.
2019 Searching for gold high and low – Open Studio, Open Lab & ArtsLink Fellow Program, Digital Art Research Center, University of California Santa Cruz, CA, USA.
2018 LIGHTFLIGHT, UniCredit Studio, Sofia BG.
2017 GoldHeaven, Arosita Gallery, Sofia BG.
2015 Lighting Tools, Arhis Gallery, Varna – Contempo 7 Art Festival, BG.
2014 Sleeplessness, Bulart Gallery, Varna. Curated by Dora Doncheva, BG.
2014 Lighting Tools, Serdica vault (Triangle Tower Of Serdica Gallery, Regional History Museum Sofia), Sofia BG.
2012 Real Love Story, UniCredit Studio, Sofia. Curated by Prof. Peter Tsanev, BG.
2004 The Game, National Art Gallery, Sofia BG.

Group exhibitions

Proyectos Raul Zamudio: LAPDOGS OF WAR, Group show. Empty Circle, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Buy art for Ukraine – donation group initiative. BLVD138, Sofia, BG.
For Fans Only – Annual group show. Arosita Gallery and Depoo online, Sofia, BG.
For Fans Only – Annual group exhibition. Arosita Gallery and Depoo Space, Sofia, BG.
Proyectos Raul Zamudio, Group exhibition. Curator Raul Zamudio. New York, US.
The Cure of Folly – International Project. Galleria Contempo, Pergine Valsugana, Trento, IT. Curator Raul Zamudio, USA and Dora Bulart, BG/IT.
Mr. Ruf!, Group exhibition. CredoBonum gallery, Sofia, BG.
Signs Taken for Wonders. Group exhibition. Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center, Vilnius, Lithuania. Curator Raul Zamudio, USA.
2019 – A year from the Future. Group show. Cosmodrome, Plovdiv, BG. Part of the Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture program. Curator Ralitsa Konstantinova, BG/USA.
For Fans Only. Arosita gallery, Sofia, BG.
EVERYTHING AND NOTHING. Raul Zamudio Presents, The Empty Circle, Brooklyn, NY.
Cosmodrum. ONE Gallery, Sofia. Curator Ralitsa Konstantinova, BG/USA.
Join the Dots – Connect the Distances, Bulgarian Imago Mundi collection, Salone degli Incanti, Trieste, IT.
Gravitation around the construction. Curator Nadia Timova. Part of Doma & Kvartal festival, Sofia, BG.
5th Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art – Turbulence. Curator Mikhail Rashkovetsky, Odessa, Ukraine.
STAICHKI, Group exhibition. Curator Sasho Stoitzov, Blagoevgrad, BG.
The world is colorful. Group photo exhibition. UniCredit Studio, Sofia, BG.
Acts of Sedition. Group show, WhiteBox Gallery, NYC. Curator Raul Zamudio & Juan Puntes, USA. #election2016
Contempo 8 – International Contemporary Art Festival, Varna. Fish Story – curator Raul Zamudio, USA.
FutureFest Art Prize – Shortlist exhibition, Tobacco Dock, London. Curator Ruth Amos, UK.
INFERNO. Pristine Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico. Curator Raul Zamudio, USA.
Europa. Transition Gallery ShopSpace, London. Curator Cathy Lomax & Luci Eyers, UK.
Water Tower Art Fest 10 – Anniversary Edition. Fabrica 126, Sofia.
Fortress. Art Gallery Blagoevgrad and SAMCA (Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art). Curator Nadezhda Dzhakova, BG.
Visible / Invisible. Graffit Gallery, Varna. Regional exhibition.
Shape Shifters, International exhibition. BULART Gallery, Varna. Curator Raul Zamudio, USA.
3rd National Biennale of Drawing, Veliko Tarnovo – Special Award by Union of Bulgarian Artists.
FOCUS BULGARIA. Vienna contemporary – video self presentation, 90 sec, `Lighting Tools` project.
Fortress. SAMCA (Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art). Part of UAMO festival.
Bulgaria: Save the dream. Map of the New Art. Imago Mundi – Benetton Art collection. Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice. Curator Claudio Scorretti, IT.
12th International Gyeonggi Ansan Art Fair, Korea
Sofia Underground – Machines. “Super Machine-Gun”, Sofia
Exhibition of section 13, the Union of Bulgarian Artists
Charity exhibition ‘Black and White’, P.A.R.K. Gallery, Plovdiv
Assembly of Shame, Mozei, Sofia. Project of Ivo Dimchev
Approaches to Happiness, Credo Bonum Galley, Sofia. Curator Evelyna Kokoranova, BG.
WTAF on the road. Part of the Water Tower Art Fest. Dimitrovgrad and Plovdiv.
NE Fest 2 – Points of View. Festival for independent experimental art, Sofia. Curator Peter Tsanev, BG.
Water Tower Art Fest 8 – Temporary protected spaces, Sofia
Contempo 6 – International Contemporary Art Festival, Varna
Sofia Underground – Unusual evidences. “Extraordinary tools”, Sofia
Point of origin, Sea Casino Burgas. Instalation “Archive” and video installation “Lunch” – from Short Stories project
Water Tower Art Fest – Temporary protected spaces. “Objects of the absence” installation
Hospital for Lovers, common exhibition, Gallery Rayko Alexiev, Sofia
4th edition of Sofia Design Week, “Visual Reflexion” project, Plovdiv.
Night of Museums and Galleries, ”Cultural Reflexion” project, Plovdiv.
Shortlist 2008 – Nominated artists in the competition for Contemporary Bulgarian art by Gaudenz Ruf Award in Sofia City Art Gallery.
Annual exhibition of the prize winners of the International foundation “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, National Gallery for Foreign Arts, Sofia.
“Strategies in the context of childhood”, Curator Nikolay Marinov, Contemporary Bulgarian Painting, Union of Bulgarian artists, Sofia
“Traffic”, painting exhibition on the occasion of 35 anniversary of the Union of Bulgarian artists.
“Real spaces” – drawing and small plastic, Union of Bulgarian artists, Sofia.
National young exhibition, Union of Bulgarian artists, Sofia.
Anniversary exhibition “Drawing” on the occasion of 110 Years – National Academy of Arts.
2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Curators Elena Panayotova and Peter Tzanev, Shumen, Bulgaria
“The Body” exhibition, Union of Bulgarian artists, Sofia.
“Drawing and small plastic arts”, Union of Bulgarian artists,Sofia.
Annual competition of Union of Bulgarian artists for for residence in the Cite International des Arts – Paris 2006.
“Personal mythologies” exhibition, the Union of Bulgarian artists, Sofia.
6th Students internationa biennale SIAB 2005, Skopie, Macedonia.
Academy and Drawing – students drawing. National Academy of Art`s fund and National Art Gallery`s fund, National Art Gallery.
4th International Biennial of Drawing, Pizlen, Czech Republic.
2nd International Biennale for Pastel, Nowy Sacz, Poland.
13th “Process-Space” International Art Festival, Balchik.
National exhibition “Landscape”, Union Bulgarian Artists, Sofia.
National Competition For Young Painters And Critics by International Foundation “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, Sofia.
“10 x 5 x 3” – Contemporary Bulgarian Painting, Project “DEJÀ VU”. Curator Svetlana Kuiumdjieva, Union Bulgarian Artists, Sofia.
National exhibition “Figurative Painting”, Union Bulgarian Artists, Sofia.
The European art festival of pastels “EUROPASTELLO”, on the occasion of 300 anniversary on Saint Petersburg. Exhibition “Contemporary
Pastel in Europe”, Rumiancevski palace, St. Petersburg, F. Russia.
5th Students International Biennale SIAB 2002, Skopje, R. Macedonia as representative of the National Academy of Art, Bulgaria.
International exhibition “EUROPASTELLO”, Fossano, Italy.
3rd Balkan youth festival, Pieria, Greece.
Workshop exhibition “The Body”, gallery “100+” of National Academy of Art, Sofia.
2nd Balkan youth festival, Pieria, Greece.
Workshop exhibition, Hauho, Finland.
National youth exhibition, Union Bulgarian Artists, Sofia.
5th International Biennale for young painters “VOX HUMANA”, Czech Republic.