I am active in the arts since 2000, after my graduation in economics.

My first solo exhibition ‘The Game’ was in the National Art Gallery, Sofia in 2006.
So far I have 9 solo exhibitions, more than 70 participations in various group exhibitions, biennials and festivals and 22 awards for art and advertisement as well. [About my steps]

I always look for something new and unexpected in my works. Especially interesting and curious for me is combination of different materials with traditional techniques of painting and drawing.

I often use scientific articles for my creative pursuits or I do extensive researches on a chosen topic.

In the past few years I actively include LED in my artworks. The light gives me expanded opportunities for expression in combination with the traditional materials. In this way I create my lighting drawings and objects. “Lighting tools” had become a continuous series that I ground on some philosophical texts in the beganing, to a new direction as tools for space excavations, etc. Archeology of the future, through a NASA project for small asteroid samples. For one of my Lighting tools I received a prize at a London FutureFest 2016.

My solo exhibition LIGHTFLIGHT refers to space without astronauts, the future and to the resources we have.

LIGHTFLIGHT doesn’t explore the boundaries of our imagination. It explores the topic of the Cosmos and the boundaries of what is possible instead. It deals with the topic of the resources of humankind in the future. It is also about our fears and salvation, as NASA points out.

I also showed my glowing objects and a series of drawings in California, during my creative stay in Santa Cruz, in the fall of 2019, as part of the ArtsLink Fellow Program 2019. The final exhibition after two months of work was entitled “Searching for gold high and low” at the Open Lab, Digital Art Research Center, University of California Santa Cruz, CA, USA.

In the era of Industry 4.0, automation and digitalization have a far-reaching effect on our lives. In this sense, the project also examines the subject of man-machine dichotomy: Life 4.0. on the threshold of the next industrial revolution, the outer space where our presence is not that certain as opposed to that of the machines. It is not the journey as an end in itself that is a focus of attention but resources and energy instead.

The future as utility: it is obvious that time, space, asteroids and light are the new precious materials.

LIGHTFLIGHT is a combination of multivalent words and aphorisms which questions the outdated romantic belief of the Cosmos as a fairy-like place where astronauts wear space suits, taking a leisurely stroll. In reality, there is no other presence there except for my glinting digital self-portrait without a space suit, and the Light is the most important connecting link amidst the mixture of scientific facts, theories and codes.

The topics that I examine in my work affect most universal, global issues and seek their manifestation in a particular individual situations and everyday stories.